How to Care for Your Hair Curl Type

How to Care for Your Hair Curl Type

So, you’ve decided to embrace your natural curls in all their bouncing beauty – where do you start? Do you ditch the shampoo and give co-washing a go? Or do you try every air-drying technique under the sun? First thing’s first – you’ve got to find out your curl type. Understanding your curl type will help you choose the right products to keep your curls strong, soft and moisturised. Here are our tried and tested techniques to keep your curls poppin’ like pink champagne, no matter what your curl type.

Wavy Curls

Curlier than the soft wave and looser than the spiralled curl, the S-shaped waves of this curl type start from the roots and mix with ringlets. They tend to lose curl definition more easily than other textures. The trick is to coax their natural bend into a bouncier, more defined curl. Stick to a consistent routine and your curls will grow healthier, defined and free of frizz. Holy Curls formulations use lightweight oils – like baobab oil – to keep your curls silky smooth and moisturised. To encourage definition, our Gel is formulated with natural gum, moisture-boosting baobab oil and super-conditioning coconut oil for perfectly defined curls without weighing them down.

Spiral Curls

Spiral curls are tighter than waves and wind themselves into springy ringlets. The spiralled shape of the strand forces the cuticles open, making this curl type more vulnerable to dehydration. If they get too dry they can look dull and frizzy, so keeping them moisturised is key. Look for products that contain humectants to attract moisture into the strands. Apply our Gel while your hair is still soaking wet and scrunch it into your hair to help your curls clump together in more defined spirals.

Tight Curls

Full of spring, stretch and super-sized volume when hydrated, tight curls can fall into fits of frizz when dehydrated. They also tend to shrink after a wash, so you’ll want to stretch them into twists, braids or knots while they’re drying. With tight curls it’s never just on the surface – they need deep hydration to soak into each strand. Working through one section of hair at a time, use your fingers to gently comb through our Cream. This helps stretch the strands and encourage definition. Follow up with our Gel for extra hold. If your curls are very tight and thick, add your favorite oil for extra moisture.

Kinky Curls

The tightest of all curl types, kinky curls are made of zig-zag-shaped strands. The twists and turns of this curl type makes dehydration a constant risk – so they need all the moisture they can get. The key to keeping your hair strong is making sure that moisture is sealed into each strand. Leave in some Conditioner and gently comb through the Cream to stretch out, soften and strengthen your curls. Follow up with Gel while your hair is still soaking wet, then add your favorite oil to keep moisture on lock.

Tips for all Curlies

  • Water is your best friend. Make sure there’s lots of it in your hair before applying products.
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water to help seal the cuticles and give your hair a smooth shine.
  • Don’t brush or comb your hair before washing as this can cause breakage.
  • Sleep with your hair in a loose ‘pineapple’ on top of your head to preserve your curls.
  • Use a silk scarf/wrap or pillowcase to prevent your curls from breaking overnight.