We have exclusive selection around the world. Handpicked by experts, they offer a comprehensive range of treatments tailored to address virtually every hair and skin concern.

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Advanced Complex Gel

It has all new active ingredients which helps obtain a gradu…

Papaya Lightening Lotion

It eliminates dryness, dark spots and reduces blemishes


MGC Extra Clear helps the skin be brightened,hydrated,nouri…

Soft n White Shea butter soap

Leaves skin feeling soft & smooth.

ClearNSmooth Deodrant

Clear-N-Smooth Antiperspirant/Deodorant contains an active i…

Soft n White Aloe Vera Soap

Cleanses and preserves the skin natural balance

ClearNSmooth Body Wash

Clear-N-Smooth Moisturizing Body Wash and Bath Soap is formu…

BelDam Lotion

Infiltrates easily and without greasing

Soft n White Papaya Lightening Serum

Effectively diminishes all pigmentation and lightens complex…

ClearNSmooth Intensive Hand Treatment

Clear-N-Smooth Intensive Hand Treatment is a 3-in-1 treatmen…

ClearNSmooth Baby Oil Gel

Clear-N-Smooth Baby Oil Gel is fortified with Vitamin E to p…

Soft n White Lightening Body Lotion

This soft & silky body milk has been developed with the grea…

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